I design graphic tees, mugs, & totes for an online only store, Unlikely Tees. This store is hosted through Teespring.com.

How does Teespring work? Easy. I design, create my merchandise using Teespring’s online system and handle marketing. Teespring handles the manufacturing, customer service, and marketing on their end. And together we create unique merchandise for people just like you.

Each itemĀ in our store(s) is run in a campaign which means for a lotted amount of time (typically anywhere between 3-10 days) our item is available for purchase. If within that time we hit our sales goal (number of items needed before we can print) the items will be printed and shipped. However, if we don’t hit our sales goal, the items don’t get made and you don’t get charged.

Our main store is Unlikely Tees which houses most of our available product. However, we have different themed stores if you are looking for something specific:

Unlikely Tees: Christmas

Nothing but Totes

Unlikely Tees: Coffee

Unlikely Tees: Halloween


I am very proud that most of our kids tees and some of our adults ware have part of their proceeds donated to Project Night Night. Project Night Night is a charitable organization based out of San Francisco which delivers totes filled with blankets, stuffed animals, and books to homeless children. See our store(s) for such merchandise that gives back.