5 Coffee Houses in Los Angeles Perfect for Designers

I love coffee houses that I can work in. In fact, if I can plug-in my computer I can spend hours in one. I love the ability to work with easy access to delicious coffee, able to people watch, and be in an atmosphere of comfort and creativity. I’m not talking about a Starbucks. Though Starbucks can work if the occasion calls for it. I’m talking about a place where cold brew or organic coffee is on the menu, perhaps a delicious banana bread. In my search of places around Los Angeles, these are my 5 go to joints.

5. Caffe Vita, www.caffeevita.com


Located where Hollywood Blvd meets Sunset, this little coffee house has a great studious ambience with several sitting areas downstairs and a balcony of seating in an upstairs loft area. There’s plenty of outlets and you’re guaranteed to get a great cold brew here. They also have several yummy treats to choose from including my fav, a maple donut. They do pull double shots here so keep that in mind, you may get an extra buzz if you order 3 shots.

4. Romancing the Bean Cafewww.romancingthebeancafe.com


I really enjoy the design of Romancing the Bean. It’s filled with coffee benches that can make you feel like a queen, a wood table, and even a tiny window wood table to work at. There are outlets, though sometimes it can be hard to find a free one. The food here can also be pricey but from what I’ve had, it’s always been good. The reason I put this shop on my list is because of their coffee ice cubes. Yes, you read that right. Coffee. Ice. Cubes. So, being the cold brew and iced coffee addict that I am, an Iced Coffee with Coffee Cubes is a dream come true. Your coffee never gets watered down and it packs an extra punch to keep you going strong.

3. Moby’s Coffee & Tea Co., www.mobyscoffeeandtea.com


This coffee shop is located in North Hollywood and is hidden in a small shopping strip just north of Circus Liquor and Green Planet Recycling Center. It’s well worth the find because there’s plenty of seating and outlets. Plus they have a fun filled menu with my favorite, Sweet Lady Grey – a lavender infused Earl Grey Latte. I know, it’s not coffee but dang it’s so good, and worth the try. Need a break from all that hard work? Grab a book or puzzle from their bookshelf!

2. Café Tropical, www.cafetropicalla.com


So, you’re saying to yourself, “Oh, no, Diane’s lost it. She’s in a caffeine high and has gotten confused on what constitutes a coffee house.” And I say, “Whoa there.” Now I know Café Tropical is not a coffee house but more of a fun cafe, however, it makes this list at number 2 because of it’s amazing Coffee Shake. This delicious iced coffee beverage is a blended iced espresso drink with sugar and milk and it’s incredible. I dream of this shake. They also have many pastries, smoothies, and even sandwiches at very reasonable prices. And to top it off, they have free wifi, outlets, and many tables to choose from. So you can sit for hours creating your design masterpiece while enjoying the tropical atmosphere and drinking your Coffee Shake. I’m sure I’ll see you there.

1. The Commissary Burbankwww.coffeecommissary.com/burbank


The Commissary, located in Burbank, is one of my favorite places to go and it deserves to be number one on this list. Decorated like an old school commissary there’s a lot of tables and outlets to pick from. There’s even a small patio out back. The food here is delicious and while they serve meals, I have to recommend the Banana Bread or Pumpkin Bread to go along with your Cold Brew or other delicious coffee. There’s only one draw back, this place is so good it can get quit busy so be prepared to park on a side street and maybe stand in line. But trust me, the coffee will be worth it.

Know of a place that didn’t make the list? Let me know below. I’m always wanting to try new places and if I pick a place you recommend, I’ll feature you in a future blog.


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