10 Ugly Christmas Sweater Designs for Animal Lovers

Whether your going to a party or just like to show your spirit all holiday season, one of these Ugly Christmas Sweater Designs should get you started on your search. And who can resist an adorable animal?

10. For Corgi Lovers – Namaste Warm By the Fire


IG @UnlikelyTees Available on Teespring.com

9. For French Bulldog Lovers – Ltd. Edition French Bulldog Christmas


By Christmas Tee Shop. Available on Teespring.com

8. For Dog Lovers – Camping Bliss Ugly Sweater – LT COLORS


IG @UnlikelyTees Available on Teespring.com

7. For Fox Lovers – Big Fox Ugly Christmas Sweater Green Youth Sweatshirt


by Old Glory. Available on Amazon.com

6. For Sloth Lovers – Alex Stevens Men’s Slothy Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater


by Alex Stevens. Available on Amazon.com

5. For Rabbit Lovers – (Kids) Some Bunny Loves Christmas Tee


IG @UnlikelyTees Available on Teespring.com

4. For Cat Lovers – All I Want for Christmas is Your Soul


by FandomizedRose. Available on DesignbyHumans.com

3. For Panda Lovers – Oso Panda Christmas


by crisanime. Available on DesignbyHumans.com

2. For Walrus Lovers – Mermaid Holiday


IG @UnlikelyTees Available on Teespring.com

1. For Penguin Lovers – Piece on Earth


IG @UnlikelyTees Available on Teespring.com


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